04 May 2010

she was

today marks the second anniversary of my sweet mother's death. i would love to share pictures of her. she was beautiful. however, my scanner bit the dust and the pics my brother emailed me didn't come so those will have to follow later. so for now i will share a bit about Patsy Elizabeth Harrison Peters.

*she was an organic gardener with a green thumb

*she had amazing faith in Heavenly Father and never wavered in it

*she LOVED to talk and did as often and as long as possible

*she was devoted to her children and grandchildren.....they were her life

*she was an excellent cook but an amazing baker...a baker of cakes that she gave to others often

*she lead with compassion in all she did

*she was sentimental

*she was a southern belle that kept red polish on her nails and curls in her hair

*she was loved


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Stephanie. Your mother sounds like a lovely, wonderful woman -- thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Two years ago I lost a dear, sweet friend. Patsy was a southern lady in every sense of the word. She was beautifully dressed and prefectly groomed always. Patsy was compassionate and generous. She served as Relief Society President for several years, comforting and uplifting others in their time of need, with a beautiful card, a visit, phone call or gourmet meal. Her co-workers were gifted with a homemade cake on their birthdays. I miss her delightful phone calls so much. She always had something interesting to say, sharing gardening tips and recipes with me. She loved to tell me something sweet or funny her grandsons had told her. Patsy's children and grandchildren were her joy! No one can take her place in my heart. Patsy will always be remembered fondly with love!