02 May 2010

again i ask who gave him permission?

jordan went to his junior prom with his sweet lindsey this weekend. watching him gather his things to get ready, i could not believe he is that old. just yesterday my sweet boy always smiling was playing 4 square with his friends and becoming completely offended when a 4th grader referred to him and his third grade gang as turd graders. where did that little guy go? he has gone down the right path i am happy to report. he is a good boy. one that is kind and chivalrous...always holding a door open for a lady. one that is trustworthy and obedient. driving through town just after jordan and lindsey left for the prom, i saw 2 car loads of other prom goers stop at the liquor store on their way out. i said a silent prayer of gratitude that my child has chosen the path that does not include those kinds of decisions. one who has wonderful friends that support one another by all choosing the right and one who has chosen a kind, obedient, modest girl who loves the Lord to spend his time with. they are one cute couple!

jordan & brad

best buds since being born 7 days apart.

again i ask....who gave him permission to grow up?


  1. Lindsey and Jordan look so happy! She is a beautiful girl in every way! He is so handsome! Cute photo of best buds, Jordan and Brad. Two outstanding young men, not prejudice just stating the facts!

  2. I love the shot from the back. I'm wondering about Jordan's footwear. Are those Van's he's wearing with his suit? Or is he walking around the yard in a pair of white socks?

  3. Seriously. They shoudl just stay babies for a tad bit longer, don't you think? Just a few more years would be good.