10 May 2010


Sawyer Tate Bonin turned six years old. It seems only yesterday that he was a tiny little guy in the NICU holding on to dear life. Now he lives life to the fullest. Happy birthday my sweet boy.
  • inquisitive...always searching for the how, the why.
  • creative...in play, in clothing choices, in the arts.
  • spiritual...you are a child of God and you know, you love it.
  • energetic...where does that energy come from? to be sit back and watch your energy...your enthusiasm is a joy.
  • friendly...a friend to all. willing to give that flashy smile and a giggle. forever sharing and up for anything. you are an example to us all.
  • individual...you are your own kind of guy and you love that. i love that also. i love that you wear the clothes you like, listen to the music you like, and eat what you like...no matter what others say or think. i love that you are a 5 no 6 year old little guy that asked for bongos, a pair of Toms shoes, and a magnifying glass for your birthday......true to your own self!

I love you my little buddy. Happy birthday.

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  1. My son also spent the first 2 months of life in the NICU. Now he is strong and taller than most of his friends! It has been wonderful to watch him grow into a strong guy full of life and energy. Congrats on your little guy entering this new phase of life.