03 August 2010

on a tuesday

on a tuesday i awoke before everyone else to listen to the quiet...just me and my thoughts

i realized that i needed to let my light shine for others to find theirs

i took a morning walk with cru and had a talk with my chooks...more eggs please even though i know it is hot

pictures of my sweet Carolyn danced through my mind and i smiled

reading through a chapter in a book a friend felt i would like, i was grateful for the conveniences i have for those who came before us had it so very hard

my freezer went out so i have blueberries to jam or jelly or...

and a turkey to roast along with chicken & pork tenderloin

i pondered how my cup runneth over so

on this tuesday

i am grateful for

spending hours upon hours with my peeps

the new life in our family...sweet Carolyn

lunch with my gal pals....i do so love Goodfella's

spanish class

summer reads

how about you?


  1. I'm thankful for my wonderful wife and three sons. I love you

  2. Congrats Mama! You won the snack TAXIs!! Send me your address and I will have them out in the mail for you this weekend! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by Earth Mama!

    I tried to email you but it got returned, so hopefully this message will get to you fair and square!


  3. sounds good! we are savoring summer with swims in the river, lake and lake michigan, all in one day!