29 August 2010

this i know for sure....

lately i have been pondering life. my life. what is important to me. what used to be important. my likes, my dislikes. and more importantly, where i am going. learning from where i have been. always, always traveling with Him at my side. 

these things i know for sure......

::life's pleasure comes from the simple things in life

::i can do anything i put my mind to

::laughing makes everything okay

::slow and steady wins the race...fast and flashy will just crash and burn

::no worry too great or too small to get on my knees for

::honesty is the best policy

::speak softly and listen often

::what you put out is what you will get back

::live for yourself....not another's opinion

::nothing tastes better than a homemade biscuit with mayhaw jelly

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