08 August 2010


::started it off with a fab family night...guacamole burgers, sweet potato fries, vegged in front of the television, and  laughed a lot
::spent some time pondering what i am thankful for
::freezer went south so that means lots of cooking...herb roasted turkey, banana blueberry bread, and my first blueberry jam ever
::started reading A Glass Castle and am intrigued
::snuggled with my sawyer...he is a champion snuggler!
::had a little date night with my sweetie...watched our good friend Chris Eldredge sing in his barbershop chorus. loved it!
::did some window shopping with my peeps at the bookstore
::got a carolyn fix...her "auntie mame" does love her so!
::poured through homeschooling materials and blog posts...do we or don't we, that is the question.
::thanked my Father in Heaven for life, freedom, and my loves
::loved a great deal and laughed all along the way

what was your weekend?

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