26 July 2010

monday check list

1. 5:30 am kevin came home from work

2. i arrived at nick's to help out while he had class 8:30 am

3. by 8:45 am nick realizes he is under the weather so no school today for him

4. stayed anyway...had to get some baby time in!

5. headed home to check on my own peeps

6. kevin went to run...i stayed home

7. the dog vomited on jordan's shoes...so very gross

8. secret blizzard run with my honey

9. sawyer vacuumed, jordan mowed the back lawn, cameron bathed the dog...kevin and i are complete slugs

10. i pondered and came to know that God puts people in our path when we need them

11. i made plans to have dinner with that very person

12. listened to my peeps laugh and laugh...fills my soul

13. prayed for my sister-in-law...first time motherhood can be such a roller coaster

14. realized that thursday is book club...AT MY HOUSE?!

15. talked to my dad

16. have a date with the rain, my book, and the bed

17. needs an IPad

18. wishes we could all just love one another

19. school is fast approaching :(

20. is grateful for my peeps and pals

happy monday to you
what is on your checklist?


  1. Oh my goodness! I always seem to forget when my writing group is at my house until a day or two before. Why is it so hard to remember those things?