02 June 2012


this post could have been called turbulent. or i give up. but thankfully, grateful fits. sure this year of tumors, hospitals, tears, uncertainty, and fear was almost more than my little basket could carry. it also brought strenth, resilience, education, a long hard look in the mirror, and a happy ending.
all tumors so far are to be monitored every 3-6 months.
and my dear love, my heart is home. my life is complete again. a smile back on my face and ring on a certain finger.
i am indeed grateful to have my life back. however, i am grateful to have gone through this season of discontent. i learned to be a better person. to grasp to my Lord. to choose friends carefully and keep a small circle. and to just be in quiet. Quiet...the most important lesson i learned.

so my days have been filled with...

  • this sweet read and now this one.
  • researching homeschooling!! yes its back on!!
  • planning our visit to this awesome museum. can you say Titanic!
  • cooking and more cooking
  • compiling my summer reading list
  • marathon games of Monopoly
  • junkin (antique shopping) with my Mr.
  • creating with my junkin finds
  • lots & lots of smiling :)


  1. Glad to see you bogging again my love. You inspire others and myself with your bright outlook on life. Hope to see pictures of your new girls soon. Looking forward to reading your inspiring blog.
    Love. Mr.

  2. Oh Stephanie -- I am so very happy for you!

    1. Thank you kindly my sweet friend.
      I hope all is well with you.

  3. oh wow...i knew something had to be going on, but i wasn't sure what. then your face popped up on my blog, and well, here i am. i so relate to the life behind your words: my separation {and we actually divorced} happened in 2008...and we're back together. it was a journey, that i've only just recently begun to talk about openly. my hysterectomy was last year and while i was extremely sick beforehand my situation wasn't as uncertain as what you have been dealing with.

    sending love and peace to all of you...it's truly wonderful to see your words and feel your energy here again. :)

    {and one last sort of funny thing...i just recommended eddie vedder's "ukulele songs" on another blog...like literally 5 minutes ago.}