14 June 2012

10 right now

  • sneaking a peak at a not-so-little guy during a quiet moment with scriptures

  • an even bigger guy of mine doing some repairs for his mama
  • catching up with amanda. oh how i have missed her inspiration
  • summer reading lists. mine to follow soon...just finished a sweet memoir and started another, a reread, just what i'm in the mood for.
  • hen in a nest. i have one almost every morning. yum!
  • rubber boots. i adore my black crocodile rubber boots...i'm a simple girl!
  • baby chicks
  • quiet

  • this guy. this guy who will run out to jump rope race with a line of surprised 2nd graders at Field Day (on Sawyer's last day of public school ever!!). this guy who reminds me daily to laugh...belly laugh. thank God for this guy.

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