03 June 2012


the perfect quiet weekend 
it started with saying goodbye to another school year and saying hello to homeschool!
there has been non stop monopoly being played
the kitchen filled with non stop cooking...feeding my stomach and my soul
sounds of Nerf ammo flying thru the air silenced only by paper airplanes taking their place
The Dangerous Book for Boys was out and fun was found within it's pages

new chickens were added to the BoninFarm

(named after our favorite scientist, Dr. Sheldon Cooper)
was fed, watered, and petted by his owner Sawyer Tate
they are the best of friends

yes, my lovelies, it was an almost perfect quiet weekend
if only of daddy wouldn't have been working the night shift.
but just being here was enough for us!

how was your weekend?

::joining in with amanda

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  1. so glad to see you poppin up on the webs again :) yay for fun and chickens and yummy food - your weekend sounds wonderful!