25 November 2009

over river and through the woods

I so very heart Thanksgiving! The turkey, the yummy dressing, and the chocolate pecan tart.

What is better than that?? Family is. We are going to Vinton, La. to Kevin's grandmother's home. That is one fabulous woman. She is the cutest typical cajun mother/grandmother who loves God, her family, and to cook for them. Unfortunately, her cooking days have passed because of macular degeneration. She cannot see well enough to cook. I love that we now get to feed her. That, to me, is one of the truest forms of love. To make something with your hands, full of love, and give to another.

My month of gratitude has come very close to the end. Daily recognizing your blessings can change your life. Thanks for sharing this month with me.

today i am grateful for:

**cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce
**long visits with MawMaw Vincent
**movies with friends
**8 day stretch with my guy at home
**Christmas shopping

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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