06 November 2009

a month of gratitude

today was the best day! i spent the morning all alone, shopping for groceries and some goodies in the kitchen store. what could be better?? i came home just in time to make over to my friend's home to work on his Julia Child birthday dinner party. we are cooking everything from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. wow is it labor intensive! oh Julia, why so many steps? you think chocolate mousse is easy as pudding, wrong! just the egg yolks alone have 4 different steps. i had the best time but may i say wow again.

i am indeed grateful for

::Chris & Laura Eldredge and their love and support

::Julia Child and the time & dedication she gave to give us the most essential of all french cooking books

::my dear husband Kevin

::chocolate and cashews!

::a mother in law that is fun and dependable...the best example of a strong, hard working woman i can think of

::this quiet evening perfect for thinking of times gone by and looking to the future...dreaming of what is yet to come

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