09 November 2009

a month of gratitude

chaos. who would be thankful for a life of chaos? that would be me! i am thinking that life would a sad existence without the excitement and constant state of movement around here. so, tonight's gratitude post is all chaos all the time......

::morning rush when older brothers help younger brother get out the door

::after school when everyone comes home at a different time. that insures undivided focus on conversations and snacks

::homework central when i need to check in with everyone and learn a little myself

::daily chores where i get the opportunity to shape my boys into young men that have the skills to be self sufficient and responsible

::saturdays when we attempt to get prepared for sunday. there is nothing better than all 5 of us working together on a common goal. at the end of the day there is a feeling of accomplishment and hey we are a team....its a beautiful thing!

::sunday morning when the saturday preparations have payed off and we can reverently go to church and the day to just be together.

::all the times shuttling from boy scouts, fall festivals, play practices, cross country practices, grocery shopping, library trips, visits to grand parents, and life that happens in between......i am indeed grateful for it all.

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