18 November 2009

i am here & still grateful

sorry for the absence. i needed to be quiet for a while. it seems life has been pulling me in every direction but still. so i had to put a few things on pause.

i heard a quote from Winston Churchill yesterday that spoke of looking back to be able to see the future. so true! learning from our past mistakes is key to a successful future. more than that i feel that i learned an abundance from my ancestors and their friends. mother recalled a story from her past every day of her life. thankfully, she shared them with me. to this day, i hang my laundry on the line just as she said her mother insisted hers was to be hung. i see her in my mind's eye each and every time. thanks mom.
this summer, we were blessed to have kevin's grandmother stay with us and his mother. i learned so much from the sweet cajun lady. she shared with me her cooking and home keeping secrets and told me of her childhood and early marriage. i will never forget this summer with her.

so today i am grateful for:

::the summer of lula mae vincent and the wonderful talks we had.

::the love my parents instilled in me of the past.

::the chance we get everyday to learn from what we did wrong, repent, and be forgiven.

::the power of communication in marriage. where would we be if we couldn't tackle a problem, talk it out, and move on happily??

::new days....new beginnings

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