12 November 2009

a month of gratitude

Work....hard work. It gives you a satisfaction like no other. All of sudden you have purpose, a sense of worth and accomplishment. This work comes in many forms and places. The compensation takes varied forms...cold hard cash, self satisfaction, kisses. We want them all, don't we? Personally, i like the kisses!

Today I am grateful for:

::my new job bursting with opportunities. it has reminded me of my intellectual worth...a wonderful gift

::the keeping of my home and the satisfaction is gives me. another vessel to show my family just how important they are to me

::the miracle of birth...the reward of my 3 boys is immeasurable

::my marriage....a joyful and exciting job. what is better compensation than forever with my sweet Kevin?

::parenthood...the ultimate job with the greatest co worker. i cannot imagine anything more rewarding than watching and helping my boys grow into young men

1 comment:

  1. You just keep reminding me to be grateful. I love reading your blog. Jeff