09 November 2009


sitting still listening to the hum of the dryer, i realize that it is comforting to me. as is a pantry full of food and a crock pot cooking away. i am comforted by taking care of the ones i love. one more beautiful attribute that my dear mother passed along to me. there was a never ending stream of cakes and soups being prepared by her sweet, arthritic hands and passed along to friends and family. she celebrated your birthday, Christmas, and the birth of your child. she grieved with you when you lost someone dear to you and nursed you when you were ill....as only she could....by cooking with love. for me, it was a cut up by hand and fried chicken with a myriad of vegetables for comfort food
or a "Donna Reed" chocolate cake to celebrate.
how i miss those days.
well, its my turn to carry on the tradition.

so, here is to comforting one another. how do you comfort another?

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