22 November 2009

aunt stephanie

tonight the gratitude is beyond words. my sweet brother and his wife are expecting their first baby! it seems like yesterday i was 5 years old anxiously awaiting his arrival. the time would not move fast enough. this little red haired kind child finally came in march. a little boy who loved his mother and never met a stranger. who grew into a giant on the football field and a selfless disciple of Christ.now i wait for his own child. a child that will no doubt have a mischievous grin and fun loving heart. a child that will be taught by his/her father to always choose the right and to love the aggies. what a fabulous father you will make nicholas. i love you!

i am also grateful for

::the memory of finding out the week before thanksgiving that i was expecting my jordan

::a day of christmas scouting with kevin....always making me laugh

::my valient jordan

::my funloving cameron

::my sweet sawyer

::a week with no early morning seminary!

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  1. Hurray for Nick and Erin. I'm really happy for them. Please pass along our best wishes and congratulations.