29 March 2010

weekend update

my post on what to eat will have to wait. i have a terrible virus. so for today, this was my weekend....

Kels Owen Larsen

::my sweet friend, Jami Larsen had her 2nd son Saturday.....what is more amazing than that little guy. i hear he is already an awesome nurser. welcome Kels!

::a trip to the fair with my peeps Friday evening filled with rides, carnival food, animal exhibits, and the rodeo!

::a second adults only trip to the fair on Saturday with my brother and his fab wife....also filled with food, fun, and more rodeo.

::an impromptu (the best kind, right?) visit with carolyn, my mother in law extraordinaire....touring all that is coming up in her yard....welcome spring.

::the best sunday ever. a trip to Vinton, Louisiana to Kevin's grandmother's house. oh do i love that little cajun lady! my peeps trimmed her hedges and we toured her yard looking for signs of spring....roses, azaleas, flowering almond, and wisteria all in bloom...gorgeous! carolyn & i made a yummy lunch (cajun tomato gravy with smoked sausage & rice, butter beans, spring peas, and asparagus) it was a perfect day when maw maw vincent's sister juanita came by for a visit....conversations of recipes and chicken farming...i was in heaven!

i love weekends with purpose. may this week be just as glorious. to start the week off, here is one more photo of that perfect baby boy. this time with aunt lolly and uncle robert looking on!

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