22 March 2010

10 right now

  1. live web cam of Molly & Max....barn owls
  2. rocking on the front porch just watching the wind blow
  3. West Wing
  4. life science with my peeps
  5. spring garden
  6. Saratoga Lights
  7. exploring Charlotte Mason homeschooling
  8. baking chocolate chip cookies
  9. cooking with cameron
  10. burt's bees lip gloss

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you are thinking on homeschooling.... This is Shannon (Cody's wife). I blog, too, but it is all about being a crazy homeschooler, so I do not let a lot of my "real world" people in on my blog. Homeschooling is a hard adjustment (for some...me), but if you want to see more of our journey and the "realness" of it you can check out my blog. If there are any questions you have feel free to contact via Facebook, the blog, or email. I love the post you have about days without school and getting to skate with mom. You get to do everything together and really be the ONE to guide your child through all life's tough times. No one is doing that for them in public school... even great teachers like my husband only have them for a short time of the day and government run schools are all about cranking out the "numbers" (test scores & budget issues). The teachers have to "perform... the students have to "perform"... there are some exceptions, but there has got to be a better way. When I was a teen at SHS we had about two teen pregnancies a year. This year they have over thirty I have been told.... some of those are Junior High level. There something missing when we educate only academics and leave out all the social, spiritual, and moral side. Sorry... I'll get off my soap box now. ;) Contact me if you want to. There are some great homeschool conferences in this area. A free one in Mid-County, two in Houston (SETHSA & THSC). Check their websites for information. Homeschool's in Texas are considered Private Schools. There are also some free online Charter Schools, but they teach the same things you get in public school. I don't use them because we use a biblical approach here. We are ecletic homeschoolers that combine Charlotte Mason and other methods. Okay... bye.