06 March 2010

in memory of patsy::the clothesline

i have a clothesline in my back yard. every single time i hang some wash out on the clothesline, i think of my mother and her mother before her. as a child, many times i had to rehang the clothes i had just hung...not too terribly neatly. my mother would always remind me that as a teenager she had to do the same thing. my grandmother was quite particular about her housework, especially laundry. the shirts must face the same direction and be hung together. the pants in a certain fashion, also together. the sheets, and so on. there hasn't been a time when i do my own wash that i do not think of those women. the pride they took in taking care of a family and home. i feel close to them at that clothesline made from the poles of my mother's line. her example in my thoughts and becoming part of me. understanding that this service was the purest form of love. the kind of love that our Savior taught. that gratitude for her...for that love has no end.

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