01 March 2010

In Memoriam

on this day 63 years ago my beautiful mother was born in rural mississippi. she was the a bright light in the family from the start. just her entering a room made everyone smile. she always had this thick gorgeous hair and a electric smile. she had many talents like cooking, sewing, intellectual pursuits, but one of her greatest gifts was the gift of conversation. her uncle, tate, would say she was vaccinated by the Victrola needle. he and everyone else in mississippi loved her conversations. when we would visit they would say "Patsy come here and let me hear you talk!". she just ate that up. i did too. i loved to hear my mother tell me of the times passed. everyday of her life she would share an old tale with me. i feel as if i went to brookhaven high school and travel up those stairs. that i too hung clothes on the line for my grandmother. that i was next to her as she worked the switchboard as an operator. what a gift she had. what a gift she was.

Charity Never Faileth was her motto and she lived by it. she baked countless cakes for birthdays, deaths, births, and just because she thought of you. how many chickens she fried. how many telephone conversations to let another know that she cared. what an example of Christ's love she was to me.

to honor that auburn haired, gentile, southern lady, i am going to do a series of "in memory of patsy" this month. may i do her justice.

i love and miss you dear mother.

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