16 March 2010

in memory of patsy :: Relief Society President

for years, 9 in fact, my mother was the Silsbee Ward Relief Society president. she not only loved that calling, it loved her. thinking back, i realize how she bloomed when called to service. service had been in her soul. tirelessly she served the sisters. i saw her worry, weep, love, celebrate, mourn, and care for the sisters.

as a 12 year old beehive, i had Elaine Boddie as an advisor. her mother had left this earth. when she spoke of Genvieve Cryer and her service, i noticed something. her eyes sparkled and her chin raised a bit higher...she was proud of her mother. i realized i was proud of my mother as well. the fact that she lived the principle of "Charity Never Faileth" was brought to my consciousness. countless cakes were baked, gallons of soup simmered, many many home visits, homemaking days planned, lessons given, and prayer. and always she felt a person had to and she did always do what was right. she was unfailing in that principle.

i am thankful for numerous examples of how to be a woman, wife, and mother. no one is greater than the legacy she left of those 9 years of service.

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