05 March 2010

in memory of Patsy :: lover of cookbooks

a portion of our collection

one thing my mother passed on to me was the love of a cookbook. every holiday, we gifted each other a nifty new cookbook. her obsession with recipes began in her teens. when in high school she would spends hours pouring through magazines and cookbooks in the library.

she marked each recipe once tested with good, ok, or even Jay loved it!

she filled countless spirals with recipes to try. and try she did. my father has said that he never knew what he would come home to for dinner. mother was fearless, much like Julia Child. she tried with confidence and smile on her face. that was her heaven on earth....her kitchen and her recipes. that is now where i find a great deal of my own solace. cooking and feeding our family is the most personal and loving gift we can give. we show love, compassion, gratitude with each spoonful. my heart is filled with gratitude for having shared this family tradition with my sweet Patsy.

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  1. Those notebooks are priceless! Bless Patsy!

    And bless Patsy for passing down her cooking genes to both you and Nick.