15 March 2010

to do

to do to do there is always something to do here @ the bonin farm. we are now the proud owners of 6 baby chicks and 2 baby ducks....stinking cute ducklings...to go along with the menagerie. we did give 2 puppies to our friends, the Dulaney family, this weekend.
there is always a to do or want to do list going through my mind. right now this is the.....

to do list

  • feed and water all the animals
  • finish planting my garden....including 2 fig trees, 1 satsuma tree, and 1 japanese maple tree
  • mend my fave leopard pillow
  • bake a loaf of bread
  • bake cookies and cheese crackers for lunches
  • pick up the garlic chives my good friend is dividing and generously sharing with me
  • read my scriptures
  • plan FHE
  • find out who is currently on the Texas Board of Education so i can vote them out...really? take Thomas Jefferson out of the textbooks. another reason to home school.
  • make laundry soap
  • make liquid soap
  • learn to knit
  • write letters
  • work on celestial university
  • read a book about beekeeping and then talk kevin into bees
  • while i am talking kevin into things maybe a pig or 2
  • can jalapeno peppers
  • read to sawyer
  • read to cameron
  • read to jordan
  • go on a date with kevin
  • giggle with laura

not too big of a list.

what is on your list?

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