11 March 2010

today was.....

a great day! i love spring break. i love having time to spend with my peeps. i love watching them grow and be curious, to mature and yet remain playful children. i love that their father works shift work is with us many weekdays......such a blessing. i love the everyday rhythm of our life her on the bonin farm. i love our dreaming of one day having a true farm to call our own. mostly today i loved..........

**going to the feed store and stopping to check out the ducks on the way to the vegetable plants....picked up corn, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, and japenese eggplants.

**watching jordan & cameron work hard building the foundation for bro. putnam's new deck

**reading my cheese cookbook while my chooks free ranged for a while and visiting with cameron about....well life.

**giggling with kevin while sawyer informed us on many topics.

**smiling while kevin said we are absolutely not getting any ducks all the while knowing deep down he will be the proud owner of at least 2 before monday...silly kevin.

**having a conversation with my dad a couple of days prior to his first 10 k.....the excitement in his voice was contagious.

:::: just have to add a terrific telephone conversation and later a hilarious im chat with sweet sandy mitchell....that woman is certifiable! my face still hurts from laughing!

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