28 December 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

All Things Beautiful just blew me away with The Versatile Blogger award. Phyllis is such an example to us all. She worked as a counselor until the birth of her first child. She homeschooled/homeschools her children. With some of these  children having special needs and her battling her own physical limitations, this can be challenging. However, she does it with love and creative intensity. Luckily, she shares this journey with us on her blog All Things Beautiful. Thank you Phyllis!

Now for the rules:
::Thank and link back the bestower of the award  ::share 7 things about yourself.  ::Pass along the award to bloggers you enjoy

  1. i love being at home. more and more i choose to stay here.
  2. i want to camp at every State park in Texas and every National park in the US.
  3. taking photographs makes me smile.
  4. cooking for others makes me smile even brighter.
  5. i know the value of the lessons taught to me by my mother that were taught to her by her mother and so on.
  6. i LOVE banana pudding
  7. my life has improved 10 fold as i have made a conscious effort to be present in all i do.
I love each of these blogs. These ladies inspire me and make me a better person with each post.

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