13 December 2010


18 years ago I married a boy. A boy who made me laugh. A boy who I knew would be the best father. On that cold, winter's night, so many asked if I were nervous. Maybe it was my youth, but the answer was not one bit. I was young, but I knew marrying my best friend was right. Here are some of the reasons why... 

  1. You are the funniest person I know. My cheeks hurt on a daily basis from laughing with you.
  2. You love your boys....from pinewood derby cars to advice to simply loving them.
  3. A chick flick doesn't scare you.
  4. You know how to fold in a batter.
  5. You "face painted" a spider web on your head just to make us smile....that and you want to tattoo one on said head.
  6. You bought me chickens and built them a wonderful home to live in.
  7. You can still spin on your back...and will at any moment, any place.
  8. Your laid back attitude evens out my OCDness...especially when it comes to our peeps.
  9. You are so intelligent...you can fix anything and seem to know Everything.
  10. You painted my kitchen turquoise even though you HATE painting.
  11. You always notice when I have something new on...actually that may be a bit annoying.
  12. I learn something from you everyday.
  13. I don't know a harder worker than you.
  14. You taught me to love Blizzards.
  15. Every time someone asks you for your telephone number, you spit Mike Jone's rap...281-330-8004.
  16. When your neck was hurt and we took you to the doctor. The form had a picture of a body and asked you to label where it hurt. You drew an arrow towards the neck and put "ouch" in a speech bubble.
  17. You love your mother and are willing to do anything for her.
  18. You give the best hugs & kisses.

May we live to sit in rocking chairs while watching our grandchildren play on our lawn. I love you to pieces!

Listening to at the Bonin Farm...River sung by Robert Downey Jr.


  1. I agree....he is a GREAT guy! Happy Anniversary to you guys! It was nice to run into you!

  2. Congratulations to an outstanding young couple! May every day continue to bring you laughter, joy, romantic surprises,
    pride in watching your boys grow to manhood, and an enduring love!