27 December 2010

sweet Janice

Janice Faye Fortenberry Jackson. I loved my sweet aunt like she was my own mother. Maybe that is because my mother loved her aunt like a sister. That is how they grew up, like sisters. My mother lived with her beloved grandparents, Tate and Nadine Fortenberry, from the time she was 2 years old until high school. Janice was younger than her but very close in age. They were as close as close could be. They did everything together. They even dressed alike often. Mother, as did the entire family, thought Janice to be an angel here on the earth. She was special. Always a kind word spoken softly. Always there to help whenever needed. Even though she had every right to be bitter and in poor spirits. She was sick from the time she was  nearly graduated from high school. It was Lupus. And she was sick. so sick. But never a unkind word spoken from my sweet Janice. Never. We lost her when she was my age, 38 years young. So young. Leaving behind the child she so desperately loved, Kevin. She was an example to all that knew her. That example and her spirit lives on.
Rest in peace my Janice. I know you and Patsy are together again.
I love you.

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  1. I'm sorry you have a sad post during the holidays! I hope the rest of Christmas' merriment will warm your heart. (And Janice sounds amazing!) Big hugs!