02 December 2010

25 things to do before Christmas

  1. Put up the Christmas Tree...check, thanks to Sawyer
  2. Bring out the Nativity Scene
  3. Make reindeer food for Jordan & his peeps
  4. Make reindeer food for Sawyer & his class
  5. Read a Christmas story to Sawyer's class 
  6. Make chocolate covered cherries for my dad
  7. Mail said cherries
  8. Make Sawyer's fence for his animals...and a barn?? how am I going to make that barn.
  9. Ask Kevin to make Sawyer a barn for his farm animals present
  10. Decide on an ornament to make with Sawyer's class
  11. Stencil the front door mat for Christmas....thank you Lisa for the idea
  12. Find the turquoise balls I want to add to my tree this year
  13. Sew Sawyer's pencil wrap gift
  14. Decide on a gift for the swap @ Sawyer's scout pack meeting
  15. Attend the Nutcracker Suite ballet!! ....thank you my sweet friend for the fantastic gift!
  16. Read The Christmas List before book club
  17. Read A Christmas Carol just because it is Christmas
  18. Read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with Sawyer ( and because it is my favorite Christmas fiction)
  19. Read the true story of Christmas with my family at least weekly to keep our focus where it should be
  20. Watch An Avonlea Christmas and The Man Who Came to Dinner
  21. Fill our Christmas bag for the homeless...hand warmers, cough drops, homemade cookies, toothbrush/paste. I wish that sack was larger.
  22. Bake cakes & cookies and make candies for our friends gifts
  23. Take our Christmas lights nighttime drives with hot cocoa & popcorn...one of my favorite traditions we have.
  24. Buy  and donate groceries to the Southeast Texas Food Bank
  25. Address and mail Christmas cards
  26. Make eggnog and hot cocoa mix
  27. Make a rosemary swag for the front door
  28. Remember to enjoy this season...to not focus on the commercialism of the holiday, to stay low stress and high love & warmth. to make gifts from my heart and to be of a generous spirit. to never lose sight of what this season is truly celebrating.

Whew. That is a few more than 25. I am over the moon with this list. Every single item on it is something I truly look forward to doing.
What is on your list?


  1. What an awesome list! Love it :-)

    BTW - I found some GORGEOUS turquoise balls at Jo-Anns last week.

  2. yay! and i just happen to have a 50% off coupon for JoAnns. Thanks my friend!

  3. Fabulous! I forgot to add A Christmas Carol and Christmas cards to mine! Love how our lusts are totally personal, overwhelming to anyone else, but filled with our own priorities. :)

  4. I especially like the bake cakes, cookies, and candies! Baking Christmas cookies is something I look forward to, but there just never seems to be "enough time" for everything. That's ok.