15 December 2010

right now, i am

...soaking up a little bit of new color in the kitchen. Soaking up the feeling I get when I am in that space. Soaking up the love and service it was for my mister to transform the kitchen walls. Knowing how he dislikes to paint, I know just how much he cares for me to do the work. Each time I see these walls, I will see & feel his love. Thank you Kevin. I love you too.

now playing at the Bonin Farm...Do they Know Its Christmas?  -Band Aid


  1. Looks great!
    Thanks hubby ;)
    I know how you feel.... mine despises when I look through paint chip cards as he's scared I will want to repaint a room.
    The last paint job though, I did all on my own, mind you it was only half the room ;)
    But I do get urges to refresh each room. I'm currently working on my daughter's. It is too much fun.

    Your kitchen looks super great ;D

  2. The photo is beautiful, but it looks even prettier in person! Love it!

  3. What a spectacular color!!! Great work on the painting, too :-)

  4. I like this color. I like your kitchen. In my kitchen only can enter 2 person, 3 is very difficult and 4 impossible :( ha ha ha

    When somebody say . Do you need help, I say noooo I need but we can be more there :(

    You have a charmy place to talk and be all the family.

    Here mine: http://www.giozi.com/2010/12/this-moment-llego-el-jamon.html
    Is about a ham that my husband bought by internet an came this week. He was so happy like a child.

    Have a nice weekend

  5. What a wonderful gift -- painting the kitchen!!

    Enjoy that beautiful new space!