13 November 2010

You really like me!

I feel like Sally Field accepting her award! My little blog has been nominated for Babble.com's Top 50 Mom Blogs for 2010. Can you believe it? I actually am in the top 100...which doesn't take much. So if you are so inclined, hop over there and give me a vote.
I hope your weekend is as luscious as mine. Lots of nothing and everything all at once. Can you say restful?

Today I am grateful for...

:: sweet folks that have given me some recognition
:: cold, rainy days
:: movies and homemade hot cocoa with my peeps
:: groovy wool socks...a souvenir from my last Eureka trip
:: a little guy that has walked around singing Jingle Bells ALL day
:: that same little peep that has decided learning sign language is for him


  1. Hello,
    I love your choice for the keep calm giveaway and the color! I will meanger on over and give you a vote!

  2. oh Suzanne thank you so much! That is terribly kind.