12 November 2010

this moment and weekend to look forward to

I have so many moments to savor from this week. Unfortunately, I have no image. My camera was not in it's usual spot...right by my side...this week. So sad. There has been some fun going on around here. Kevin and I had a fantastic date night with our pals. A beautiful Sunday. Tuesday night I had a mini girl's night out at my fave deli. And last night a terrific and much anticipated reunion with some of my high school girls. And yet NO CAMERA. So, picture my favorite moment...8 giggling women at the sushi bar reliving times gone passed. 

Now for the future. This weekend we have big plans. We plan to do a lot of NOTHING! The list includes....

  • pizza 
  • movies
  • jump rope contests
  • board games...lots of apples to apples & sorry sliders
  • bike riding and nature walks
  • snuggled up under blankets with hot cocoa and good books
Mom also plans to

  • bake crackers and bread. oh and a chess pie
  • mani & pedi @ home
  • read, read, and read some more
  • laugh with my fellas and wish Kevin didn't have to work
  • NOT do laundry, polish floors, scrub bathrooms or clean windows

A weekend like that sounds simply divine to me!
What is on your weekend list?


  1. I'm sorry you had no camera! That's a bummer :( But I have to say that your weekend plans sound AMAZING! I am totally jealous.

  2. Sounds like a great fun week you had -
    sometimes when there's no photos it means it was real fun and you didn't even think to take pictures ;)
    here is mine:

  3. It sounds so fun to me I just might stay home and enjoy it!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful week ... with an awesome upcoming weekend! I have Big Weekend plans - a nap, a hummus party with friends, and a bunch of crafting :-0