09 November 2010

A month of gratitude

The wind is blowing crisp, the birds are chirping, the chickens are clucking away and my mind is instantly drawn to my mother. Oh how grateful I am to have had a mother like Patsy Elizabeth. She was a beautiful southern lady with auburn hair  and  a sweet spirit, inside and out. I learned something from her every day. That was one of her gifts...educating. She knew a little something about everything and was never stingy with that knowledge. I am better for having had her in my life. Today I am grateful for that because she...

  • above all else loved
  • taught me how to cook
  • taught me to garden with an organic hand
  • was an example of righteousness
  • was articulate
  • gave me the gift of education and a love of learning
  • taught me how to mother...breastfeeding & cloth diapers when it was NOT the norm, lead with a quiet voice and understanding heart, and be generous.
  • loved the past and learned from it
  • loved me

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