16 November 2010

a month of gratitude

wisdom. I am thankful for wisdom. Thankful that Kevin's doctors had great wisdom in performing and reading his procedure today. Thankful for the wisdom a judge and attorney had today to have a court case of a fantastic father we know fall in his favor. Thankful for the wisdom teachers have to help educate my boys. Thankful for the wisdom of the Lord I listened to when choosing my sweet mate. I do love him so. Thankful for the wisdom of my mother and her mother & grandmother before her. That I listened and learned and use all that wisdom in taking care of my family...and treating others. I am also thankful for......

  • crisp cool weather
  • friendships that have stood the test of time and those who i hope will
  • imagination...mine and my peeps. love LOVE to watch their imaginations in motion
  • broccoli cheese soup
  • burt's bees lip gloss
  • Jan Karon
What are you grateful for today?

1 comment:

  1. You my friend. :) I was thinking that we may very well be kindred spirits. :) I am so glad to hear Kevin is ok. Pat went through the same this several years ago, we spent about a month thinking he may have stomach cancer(which his grandmother died from). I will continue to pray for health for him and Wisdom for those treating him.