03 November 2010

right now, i am

soaking up these cousins.
 i am in complete disbelief that one has graduated high school and moved on with her life. while that sweet blonde and her boy cousin will do the same this spring.
all 3 special people.
 all 3 going to do great & wonderful things.


  1. Hooray for cousins! Trite as it sounds, it's just amazing how quickly time flies! Best wishes to all of them in their new adventures.

  2. Wow to growing up. My cousin is in college now and I remember babysitting him as a teeny babe!


  3. How fast we all grow up :) My cousins are nearly all married now and starting to have babies of their own! I can still recall all of those silly times we had playing together :) So wonderful that you get to spend time with each other.

    PS. I'm popping over from Earth Mama :)