23 November 2010

A month of gratitude

family. i am thankful for my sweet family. for the unconditional love and support they supply me with. i am thankful for that same love that came from my mother and father. for their teaching me to love in that way. 
i am thankful to understand that family is not confined to the bounds of blood relation.   i have those in my life that love me as if i were there own. for that i am truly grateful....

for Brenda who treats me as if i am her own daughter. who includes me in every way as if i were her 3rd daughter. she has made losing my own mother sting a little less and for that i am eternally grateful.

for Laura Lee who is a true sister to me. one who i can run to in need. one who i can giggle with, have literary discussions with, share recipes with, or just veg with. for those comforts i will be for ever in her debt.

for Christine & Cathy who are my sisters...my partners in crime. who love me and my family as if we were their own. who teach us about love, no matter what, no matter who. who are a good time! who i love to pieces.

for Sarah, ahem Amanda. my dearest, bestest bud. who from the second grade has had my back. in good times and bad. who has taught me that doing the right thing is always in vogue. who taught me the value of friendship. who builds me up everyday. for who i am better for having her in my life. i will always love you!

for Laura E. who is my friend, my teacher, my business partner. who has shown me what a good parent looks like. who has shown me what a good friend looks like. who loves my peeps and has the best conversations with them. who wants the best for them and isn't shy in letting us see that. who teaches me that sometimes its OK to jump without looking. who i am on a terrific journey with and grateful everyday that she asked me to join in on.

Family is the most important thing in the world. 
Princess Diana


  1. beautiful and thoughtful post :-)
    happy thanksgiving from austalia...hope you had a great day! xxxCate

  2. Happy thanksgiving weekend to you too! And I am thankful for internet friends who make my day every time I open my browser window :)