17 September 2010

when i grow up

i want to be

    a librarian. to be in the presence of all that written word. all the hard work. sometimes giving all that they have to give. and to introduce that to others on a daily basis = heaven.

     an  artist. i cannot draw a stick figure but i can do something. maybe collages. maybe learn to sew. maybe learn printing. maybe letterpress. hmmm.  the creation is the key.

      an artisan of cheese. lovely cheese. aged cheese. by the milk of my own goats. 

       a good listener. a girl who takes her time. listens intently. a friend.

      a world traveler. Maine. France. Seattle. Vermont! Barcelona. Greece. hike the Appellation Trail...some of the trail. 

     a photographer. taker of fabulous shots. an eye.

    a chef. yes i cook. LOVE to cook but want to really create. cheflike.

    with my peeps.

1 comment:

  1. You are a GREAT listener, just letting me talk about things I have not been able to share with others, and because of who your are, the unique person, someone who is not afraid to stop and smell the roses, I am very PROUD to call you friend. Love you and miss you my sister friend!!!