08 September 2010

right now, I AM::a series

right now i am noticing....that i eat a tomato sandwich almost every summer morning.
when i eat that home grown tomato on bread baked by my hand, 
i think of my mother.
i think of the many traits, habits, and tastes we shared.
this is one of my most beloved.

i am playing along with one of my most favorite bloggers, Lisa, at Earth Mama. she started this series and invited us to join in. a picture with a short (oops) sentence to bring us to awareness of the goodness in our surroundings....our lives. thanks lisa!


  1. What a lovely trait to share with your mother. I often think about baking my own bread but never do because I fear it is too difficult. Have a nice day :)

  2. lovely! I didn't learn to bake or can or any of those things from my mother, but there is something wonderfully connecting about those simple things isn't there? I feel when I'm baking bread, or preserving food or hanging clothes out to dry that I am still connected to the generations of women before me.

  3. Fresh garden tomatoes with a bit of himalayan sea salt on top is a favorite summertime snack for me too. I love how you tied your doings with those of your close family. Everytime you take a bite, you are sharing with them.