20 September 2010

today i am

wishing i was in Eureka Springs. eating at the Oasis. feta, spinach, and black olive enchiladas please. walking up and down the street. snapping photos. people watching. soaking up the atmosphere.

going on a date with my guy. i am taking him to lunch for his favorite thing. wings. spicy garlic from Buffalo Wild Wings. i am going for the trivia game. even more fun because our Christine is coming along. too bad she can't beat me at trivia. maybe one day.

ready for a new book. maybe i can sneak in the bookstore. my favorite place. smell the aroma of the coffee. hear the music playing. see the rows and rows of books. ahhh that is my place.

making chicken and dumplings for my peeps. chicken and thyme dumplings. so yum. i may be feeding their stomachs, but when we eat at that table. that family table. they are feeding my soul.

wearing my turquoise snake skin flip flops. turquoise. the color that my mother wore so often. it would make me cringe. i would beg her to pick a more subdued color. then one day, a while after she had passed away, there i was in Target with those shoes in my hand. it is true....we turn into our parents.

what will this day bring for you? i hope much love and happiness. laughter and smiles. and wings.

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  1. I hope your lunch was wonderful ... and that your day was filled with love and happiness :-)