07 September 2010

randomness x 25...give or take a few

this weekend on Facebook i was tagged with a questionnaire...25 random facts about myself. you know the drill, 25 facts that others may not know about you and then you tag 25 people who are to do the same. as silly as it sounds, it is actually interesting. i found out some super things about my friends. i may have let my nerdom out as well. since the secret is out, i might as well share it with all of you. so here i am in 25 random facts...

  • i am a shy, quiet girl that sometimes finds herself in a loud mouth's body.

  • i have learned to live Atticus Finch's life lesson...walk around in another person's skin for a while and do not judge another.

  • i have a giver's heart.

  • taking photographs makes me smile.

  • i am at home when i am in the kitchen...especially if i am feeding my friends and family.

  • i keep a book in my purse at all times.

  • i dream of living in Vermont on a farm where i will make my own cheese.

  • i know the power of listening to the Holy Spirit and try to let it lead my life.

  • i love blogging.

  • i want to be a librarian someday.

  • i love LOVE watching black and white movies.

  • i am a complete nerd but have learned to embrace it.

  • when i was 12 years old my dad bought me Emily Post's Etiquette and i still use it today. i think good manners are one of  the most important traits we can have.....see, refer to #12

  • a perfect date for me = dinner out, a movie, and a trip to the bookstore

  • i would rather get something for my kitchen than diamonds.

  • i have no singing ability at all however i will sing every word to every song on the radio...loudly.

  • i am terribly sentimental.

  • i love to go to a coffee shop early in the morning just to hear the older gentlemen solve the world's problems.

  • i love my chickens and talk to them daily.

  • i am a fan of learning and feel the need to everyday.

  • i am learning to speak Spanish.

  • i am a huge fan of white pizza...yum.

  • i would rather shop for groceries than go to the mall. i have even gone to Houston to shop at Whole Foods and didn't step foot in the Galleria (which would probably make my dad faint).

  • i love to go camping....in a tent. i want to camp at National and State Parks in every state.

  • i adore the aroma of coffee brewing but cannot stand the taste.

  • i love the written word...to read it and to write it...letters and cards.

  • i am a bird watcher and have been since i was a teenager

  • i am a good speller

  • i am learning more and more to be comfortable in my own skin

    1. What a lovely collection of tidbits! Glad to know you better :-)

    2. That's great you shared all this with us ;)
      That's a fun questionnaire ... want to answer more...

      I would like to invite you to a SUMMERIZING event I'm hosting.
      Take a look, it would be great if you took part in it ;)

    3. This is so cool! I also would love to someday live in Vermont and make cheese. That would be awesome! I feel we would be fast friends if you lived in Rochester :)