18 September 2010

happiness is....

sitting next to the boy you love while he is reading

listening to your littlest peep organize his things & reporting each move he makes

a nice glass of raspberry leaf tea...with honey please 

dreaming of a beach cruiser and to where i will cruise

the rhythmic breathing of the cocker spaniel that is so peaceful

making my to read list
     *Walden  Henry David Thoreau
     *The Book Thief  Markus Zusak
     *The Sound and the Fury  William Faulkner
     *Like Water for Chocolate  Laura Esquivel
     *a Ramona book with Sawyer

reading sweet blog comments 

looking at this majestic Texas sky from my awesome white rocking chair that the boy i love gifted me

doing all this while smiling


  1. I love this 'happiness is' post.
    It totally put me in a HAPPY place ;)
    so great for you to cherish these beautiful things.

    For the summerizing... ther's really no deadline ;)
    Whenever you feel like reflecting back - it's all about you ;)
    xoxo have a great weekend.

  2. Like Water For Chocolate = bliss!!!

    I read it, re-read it, watched the movie, then read it again. And now that you mention it, I realize a few years have passed so I guess it's time for a re-read ;-)

    The Book Thief was awesome.

    Walden is on my must-read list, too. Let me know when you're starting it and maybe I'll be inspired, too.