13 September 2010

weekending highlights

this weekend was just another one marked off the calendar at the Bonins. yet is was oh so special to me. my Kevin was home ALL weekend (so rare). nothing can bring me more joy and back to center than time spent with my peeps. this weekend.....

  • Tiger football complete with Sawyer running out of the tunnel with the cheerleaders, munching on nachos & soda, and sweating. whew it was hot!
  • Tiger Cross Country Meet...watching Jordan & Cam run like the wind. the course was truly difficult. i am one proud mama.
  • grilling...burgers & dogs. yum!
  • one back door fixed. yay! 
  • one date night that went from dinner & a movie to the two of us on the couch reading and watching a Parenthood marathon...i found out that is a pretty cool show.
  • an easy like Sunday morning kind of day. thanking & worshipping God for the beautiful family i have to spend this sabbath day with.
  • episodes of Andy Griffith...especially funny when the Darlings are involved.
  • and ahhh bedtime.

living in wonderfulness that is a simple life.
what was your weekend?

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