02 September 2010

on a thursday.....

i woke up when my guy came home from work @ 5am.

we talked quietly in the dark about nothing in particular but oh so special.

good morning boys..."Sawyer who do you love the most?"...."God mama, and then you"

my heart skips a beat

the morning then started with breakfasts, back packs, and off to school.

Cru went to our new (and most awesome) groomer.

i sat in the quiet of a home with no children, no dog, and a sleeping husband

pondered life's little mysteries and caught up with a sweet friend

lunch with my sweetie at his favorite wing spot

homework and projects

cross country practice and showers

episode of The Big Bang Theory

reading Charlotte's Web and off to dreamland

on a simple Thursday i remembered to take joy in the simple things

to count each and every blessing

to be thankful for the love of God to come first then me


  1. You are an awesome person, I am so glad I can call you FRIEND...Love you sista!!!