01 February 2011

10 things :: must reads for 2011

i have been considering 2011 for a month now. really? a month has passed? a list of accomplishments i seek, wishes, and so on was taken care of as i blew the candles out on my birthday cake last week. what sweet wishes and warmth i received on that day. thank you!
now it is time for the bookish list. my true love! as most of you know, a list is always in the making with me and usually growing. so here are the top 10 on my list....so far.


and i haven't read this one yet and think i must!


  1. i'm reading coop now and love it so far! also have the dirty life and the backyard homestead at the ready ;-)

    tender at the bone is great! so are comfort me with apples and garlic + sapphires.

    the mr. just finished reading unbroken and swears i MUST read it - me thinks he liked it a bit ;-)

  2. I keep hearing raves about Unbroken, too. Amanda and Stephanie -- perhaps a read-along is in order? :-)

  3. A grief observed is a lovely book, and Coop would be on my list too.