02 February 2011

a well stocked pantry

once again the amazing Amanda has been an inspiration. she listed the foods she could not live without. and boy is she living my kind of life! naturally i began mentally listing what i must have. i mean it is a list and food = heaven to  me.

*avocados...how can you live without them? i don't know and i don't want to.
*grainy mustard
*homemade bread
*chicken...esp. the perfect roast chicken
*homemade chicken stock...can't waste that chicken carcass from that perfect roasted chicken
*rosemary...oh how i heart my rosemary bush. see photo above^
*onions...yellow please
*good olive oil
*eggs...my girls
*honey...with the comb if i am lucky
i need my own bees!
*bacon...ok ALL PORK.
*homemade pizza dough
*pasta...mamma mia
*yogurt...greek with honey
*marinated artichoke hearts
*spring peas
*figs...may my trees be abundant this year!
*dark chocolate

Sawyer wanted to add his list....
+pizza...especially with roasted garlic & chicken

what is on YOUR list?


  1. I would put many of your favorites on my own list.

  2. Love avacadoes and guacamole! And olive oil - can't live without that! Esp. to dip homemade bread. I have to admit I'm a milk chocolate kind of gal - can't quite get a taste for the dark stuff, sweet tooth I have!

  3. mmmm...your list sounds so good! we love our hummus too - i make it with a LOT of garlic so it's got a bit of bite ;-)

    i'm with you, i want my own bees but i'm waiting until i know we're settled. from what i understand they can be tricky to move. hopefully soon!

  4. Yes, lemons - my favourite food in the world - sour dough, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, you know where this is going - red wine, avocado, mandarins, lemon grass, garlic, prawns, coconut...

    & giving thanks for all who helps supply me with these delights, Amen.

    Thanks Stephanie, that was fun.

    Love Katie x

  5. we have very similar lists :) except for the fish. maybe one day i'll grow up and learn how to eat fish. i'd have to add chickpeas. just tonight avery asked, "do we have any garbanzo beans?" no, but tomorrow i'm buying a box of them.