21 February 2011


the great horned owl

this fab lady is 86 years old
travels the country educating us about and saving the raptors.
she was too precious!

if you look close you will see he is checking himself out in the mirror.

 screech owl

crested caracara


this weekend was super full. everything seemed to be happening all at once. oh my did we have some good times.

friday started with Save Our Raptors at the Ice House Museum was fantastic. the cute lady in the picture not only travels the country with her birds and saving others along the way, she sleeps in her van with them...even when she is home. she was a hoot!

saturday morning we picked up trees from our local Arbor Day foundation.
maybe a little antiquing/thrifting along the way.
lots of puzzles were put together. Sawyer and Cameron are masters.
saturday night my sister in law made us the most fab Japanese dinner. can you say yum?! our most favorite couple, Robert & Laura, joined us. the highlight of the night was Kevin showing us his dance skills on their Xbox Kinect. too funny that mister of mine.

sunday was the best kind of sunday. started with a wonderful church service...best music ever! a matinee ballet date with my Sawyer. our local civic ballet company had their spring performance...featuring Snow White. LOVED it. ended the weekend in true bonin fashion. with food of course! we came home to Kevin and the peeps grilling steaks. 
perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

i am linking up with the fabulous Amanda.
what was your weekend like?


  1. Fabulous! We love animal programs.

    Nothing like a weekend spent with friends and family.

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend ... Raptors to Ballet ... with food and fun throughout :-)