15 June 2010


i awoke before the boys, stepped out onto my porch and read a while in my rocker. i am so digging bill bryson.

i made bacon & eggs for those pig lovers here. got plenty of smiles and squeezes.

i thought of friends that i haven't seen in a bit and of those new friends that i adore.

i let myself get sucked in an anthony bourdain marathon...hate it when i do that. he is completely awesome though.

i planned a hike in the big thicket. don't forget the mosquito repellent.

i kissed my sweet husband goodbye and wished he didn't have to work tonight.

i took the boys to pick up their new set of drums. now i have a headache, but they are happy.

i  pondered my life and where it is going. i like the direction. everyday i am more & more comfortable in my own skin.


  1. I just love your posts, Stephanie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts :-)

  2. great post, really!!thanks for sharing!