08 June 2010

summer lovin...beach days

oh galveston beach how i love thee. let me count the ways.

love riding to the ferry

love playing in the water

love watching the gulls fish

love building castles in the sand

love reading with my toes in the sand

love flying kites
on the last day of school, we started summer at the beach. i woke everyone up, threw them suits, and we drove to the beach! since jordan & cameron were exempt from exams, i couldn't think of a better way to celebrate their hard work. we have gone once a week since. so fun! i vowed that we would spend this summer out of doors, moving and learning, laughing and playing. making memories. so far it has been a beachy kind of out of doors for us but i have more in store...canoeing, hiking the big thicket, camping, crabbing, making a solar oven. i do believe this will be the best summer ever.

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  1. Can you believe we have lived in Texas for nearly 6 years ... but we have not (yet!) been to Galveston?!?! Thanks for the summer road-trip inspiration!