03 June 2010


  • happy to be back in this space but had a fab time while away
  • ready to head back to the sand and sun.......maybe ben and jerry's too
  • blown away by The Help...review to follow
  • going to miss her guys while away @ high adventure camp....maybe a little jealous of the canoe fun
  • excited to have some one on one time with my littlest peep while his brothers are in arkansas.
  • even more excited to be going to visit my dad in a few weeks....i do oh so love eureka springs
  • in love with french lemonade.....can't get enough
  • feeling more and more comfortable in my skin

see you tomorrow for this moment ;)


  1. Wasn't The Help fantastic?!!? I want to have another daughter so I can name her Aibileen!

  2. LOVED it. it was special for me because my late mother was born and raised in and near jackson ms. in fact, my grandmother's "help" was named Minny. that story will be with me for a long time.