09 June 2010

summer lovin::trips to the library

in my minds eye i see a 10 year old me with my mom walking into the kountze public library. that sweet little library was in an old house in the middle of town. every step made could be heard all over the library...creak, creak, creak. my mother took me to the children's room and introduced me to Caddie Woodlawn (her own childhood favorite), Ramona, and the Newberry winners. later i met Walden, Treasure Island, and Little Women. memories i will treasure.

now i get to introduce my guys to the adventure and friend books can be. there is something comforting about being with those books. a place where the world book encyclopedia is in print form and there is still a globe to find the exotic place you are reading about. the dewey decimal system is still in place and you must use a card to check your books out. today kevin & i took sawyer to the library. he loves the library. what a joy it is to watch him choose books and movies to bring home. the summer reading program has begun and he is over the moon excited. those astros tickets for 20+ books read in a month is his. such fun!


  1. Libraries are magic, no doubt about it. :)

  2. great idea!! they'll love reading, sure!!